Quanjude was established in 1864 during Qing dynasty.

Yang Quanren, founder of “Quanjude”, started his carreer selling chickens and ducks on the meat product market outside of Qianmen.
Since he was very talented, his business got more and more productive and flourishing.
Every day on his way to the market, Yang Quanren walked passed a dried fruits shop called “Dejuquan”. At this time the shop wasn’t doing well at all because of the lack of a bright signboard. Yang Quanren gathered all of his savings and decided to buy the shop.

In order to give a name to his new shop, Yang Quanren decided to consult a geomancer. He claimed that this shop was located on a geomantic treasure land; to him, the bad luck wouldn’t go away unless he switched the name to Quanjude.
On top of that, Quan was part of his name and the whole word represented a whole of values : “Quan” means Perfection, “Ju” cohesion and “De” means virtue and morality.

Quanjude is today a Chinese restaurant well known for his specialty Peking Duck and his culinary history since his creation in 1864 in Beijing, China.
Quanjude Group is as of right now the largest group in the restaurant industry in China and also represent the gastronomic culture in China.
It is in Bordeaux that the first Quanjude opened in Europe and invite you to discover the fusion cuisine between France and China.